The One Where I Reflected

Aasshna R Bhatt
3 min readJun 7, 2021

A Friends: The Reunion Special

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The chatter of a group of Friends reuniting was indeed a ray of hope during these trying times for millions and millions of people who found comfort in the show. Friends acted as conversation starters for many lasting friendships and relationships. The kind of world we’re currently stuck in, it always feels home to think about the “good times” and the “simpler times” and whether you admit it or not, this show played a huge part. For every 20-something trying to leave a mark, find love, make it in life or simply wanting to just get by, Friends was a show that helped them realise that sometimes it was okay to not be okay and just let it be.

I too, once upon a time considered myself a huge fanatic of the series.

But then things changed, I became more aware and ended up doing that one thing all the enthusiasts shouldn’t — I ODed on the series or should I say OAed, Over-Analysed. I began digging and analysing every single character on the show and being a young, dare I call, “woke’’ millennial, started spotting the red flags. Be it a toxic relationship, homophobia or even a few sexist and misogynist behaviours, I ended up noticing all.

Recently before the big release, I was chatting with a friend of mine who downright detested the show. He told me, ”Friends is quite a problematic show when you look up close” and I couldn’t agree more during that point. I scoffed and made up my mind, to not be a part of the herd. I decided to not watch the Reunion.

All of this digging and over-analysing had eventually made me slowly lose interest in the series. I soon became an SBW or Serial Binge-Watcher (pun intended).

Slowly, I began venturing out of my comfort zone (read: Avoid watching Friends) and on this journey, I discovered some exceptional shows that will be etched in my heart forever.

A week before the global telecast of the reunion, I stumbled upon its trailer and boy did everything come rushing back — Familiar faces, familiar lines, familiar sets and familiar feelings. The next thing I know, I couldn’t wait to see the reunion.

Cut to today, a day that will be treasured as — “The One Where They Reunited”. After 17 longs years of waiting, they were back together, making all of us feel a whirlwind of emotions. It managed to bring out the fanatic that I had buried years ago. The Friends: Reunion was almost like closure for all those people whose safety-net was this show. My social media was filled with stories of people reminiscing along with the cast members of the show. It was quite a trip down memory lane.

While I still stand my ground that the show had its issues, it mirrored and captured society’s perception. It reflected the truth about people’s ideology. When we view Friends from the lens of the new world, from the point of view of a person in 2021, it may not be all that right and accurate. That being said, I’m sure as hell glad that things are changing and changing for good. I’m glad in the world we live in, there are some shows making noise for all the right reasons and it’s only upwards from hereon.

Watching Friends: Reunion was like meeting an old lover, with a brief moment of hurt but heart full of memories.



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