The Wandering Soul

I can hear the sounds of wailing cries, despair, and regret ringing in my ears as I pass through the busy corridors of the Delhi Hospital. What day is it? I wonder as I walk by the bed of a young woman in her thirties, wheezing for…

A Friends: The Reunion Special

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The chatter of a group of Friends reuniting was indeed a ray of hope during these trying times for millions and millions of people who found comfort in the show. Friends acted as conversation starters for many lasting friendships and relationships. The kind of world…

Day 380, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The streets presented an eerie desolate feeling. The harsh summer sun was upon the city as Ram, a 16-year old teenager, braved the heat and walked under the shadow presented by the trees. Half his face was covered in dust and sweat, while the other…

Aasshna R Bhatt

60-year old woman trapped in a 26-year old girl who shouldn't be allowed to make decisions. Always stuck in an ethical conundrum. Writer |Movies| Bibliophile

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